Graco LineLazer V 3900 Automatic Series

Part Number: 17H453

When it’s time for kerb painting, the LineLazer V 3900 HP Automatic Series striper is an excellent and cost-effective choice. This durable striping machines deliver great performance for all your basic striping needs.

The HP Automatic Series adds enhanced features that provide contractors automatic kerb painting capability, as well as real-time job performance data for proof-of-job requirements.

Automatic Paint Gun System

  • Automatically Stripe kerb
  • Reduce operator fatigue – push-button line production
  • Quality solenoid driven system

LiveLook Display with SmartControl

  • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job
  • Accessible proof-of-job data from the J-Log System with USB Download
  • Consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines

J-Log System with USB Download

  • Valuable Job Information
  • Proof of job = More striping opportunities.
  • USB download capability allows you to capture and save all job data

Honda GX Engine

  • Reliable, Easy-to-Start Power
  • Contractor-preferred – excellent power and proven reliability
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine to prevent damage if oil level drops too low

EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

  • Easy Gun Adjustments
  • Perfect gun alignment every time with easy-to-use guide mark system
  • 2-gun capability with QuikSelect gun selector

EZ Align Wheel System

  • Perfect Striper Tracking
  • Simple front wheel alignment, no special tools needed

DualComfort Handlebar System

  • Easy Handlebar Adjustment

Endurance Chromex Pump

  • Reliable, Long-Life Pump
  • Industry-best pump performance – field-proven design
  • Handle the most demanding materials with long-life rod treatment
  • 4X harder than ordinary chrome

Additional Features

  • QuikSelect Gun Selector
  • Easy Out Pump Filter
  • LazerGuide 1700 Start/Stop Laser


  • Maximum flow rate: 4.5L/min
  • Maximum tip size: 0.0635cm/0.025in
  • Maximum Working pressure: 228bar/3300psi
  • Number of guns: 2
  • Number of pumps: 1
  • Power Rating: 3kW
  • Engine Capacity: 120cc
  • Engine Fuel tank capacity: 2.5L
  • Dry Weight: 108kgs