The Blastrac 1-8DPF40 is a walk-behind shot blasting machine perfect for small to medium-sized jobs. The machine is equipped with a drive motor and the maneuverability makes the 1-8DPF40 user friendly to operate and transport. It blasts moving forward and is capable of reaching corners that other self propelled units can’t reach.

The 1-8DPF40 is dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system.


  • Voltage: 400V, 16A, 50HZ, 4kW, Three Phase
  • Blasting Width: 203mm
  • Cutting efficiency: Up to 70m2/hr on concrete
  • Steel Abrasive shot consumption: 75gram/m2*
  • Ideal for: Concrete, Stone, Asphalt
  • Weight: 122kgs

*mentioned consumption is peak possible. Actual will vary depending on surface, blasting requirements, and site conditions.