TC125 Circular Cutter Kit

TC-125 set is part of the SLAB system for large format tiles. It is the users choice due to its versatility, and ability to cut tiles, and marble. The TC125 can either be used for wet cutting, or dry cutting by either attaching a Rubi vacuum or hosing a water line. Similar to the the SLIM cutter system, TC125 kit comes with guides that help make straight and precise cuts.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for all cutting needs.
  • Facilitates cutting up to 25mm thick, and 10ft long.
  • TC125 comes in a carrying case, and the rails with a nylon bag.
  • Cut at 45° angles for mitre cuts.


  • Cutting length: Up to 10ft/320cm
  • Cutting thickness: Up to 25mm
  • Carrying case: Included
  • Weight: 14kgs