Rubi STAR-63

Rubi STAR-63 is an entry level manual tile cutter from Rubi. It is capable of cutting unto 24in/2ft large tiles. It comes equipped with a 6mm tungsten carbide scoring wheel, that can cut up to 12mm thick tiles. The STAR-63 is only recommended for part-time tile cutting work, that does not involve large format tiles. The tool is best suited for cutting ceramic tiles. For cutting harder and thicker tiles, the scoring wheel can be upgraded to a maximum of 10mm.

Product Features:

  • Mobile breaker to efficiently split tiles without breaking and chipping.
  • Chrome steel guides for smooth rolling, and long-term rust protection.
  • Strong heavy base stability.


  • Cutting length: 63cm/24in/2ft
  • Cutting thickness: 12mm
  • Carrying case: Optional
  • Weight: 4kgs