Rubi Genius Cut 85

Genius Cut 85 is a precise and versatile manual cutter that can cut tiles that are up to 85cm long. The tool comes with 20mm thick chrome plated steel rails along with the cutter runs. The Genius is equipped with a bearing system that ensures smooth sliding along rails, that prevents chipping. The bearing system along with smooth chrome rails enhances work speed. Like the smaller STAR-63, Genius comes with a tungsten carbide scoring wheel. The tool comes equipped with an 8mm wheel, and can fit unto 12mm thick wheel.

Product Features:

  • 20mm steel guides enhance provide sliding smoothness, and prevent rusting.
  • Genius 85 can is compatible with up to 12mm thick scoring wheel, which can cut 16mm thick tiles.
  • Adequate breaking force to cut and break hard tiles.


  • Cutting length: 85cm/33in
  • Cutting thickness: 15mm
  • Carrying case: Not available
  • Weight: 8kgs