DCX 250 XPERT 1250

The DCX 250 Xpert is a high-end electric cutting machine suitable for porcelain, stoneware, and ceramic tiles. It can also be used for cutting natural stone such as marble, and granite.

It comes with a 3HP motor through which the blade runs at 2750RPM. The machine is made of reinforced aluminium chassis to increase rigidity and strength of the machine. Although large and heavy, the machine can be folded completely and be transported using wheels mounted to each support arm.

Product Features:

  • High performance plunge effect for height adjustment during cutting.
  • Liquid cooling system to provide cooling optimum efficiency to the blade.
  • The saw can be tilted to 45° to make mitre cuts.
  • External and easy to remove water tank with 30L capacity.
  • Earth integrated into chassis.


  • Cutting Saw wheel: 250mm/25cm/10in
  • Maximum cutting length: 125cm/50in
  • Maximum cutting width: 44cm/18in
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 150mm
  • Weight: 63kgs