Mirka Dust Extractor

Mirka manufactures state of the art Dust extractors that can used with Mirka DEROS, DEOS, DELTA, and LEROS. All Mirka Dust Extractors when connected to Mirka Sanding tools provide 100% Dust free sanding.

Mirka Dust extractor is available in two configurations. Mirka 1230L AFC comes with auto-filter clean technology that automatically cleans the filter when dust accumulates over it. While the other variant, 1025L PC consists of a lever that needs to be pushed to clean.

All Mirka Dust Extractors provide an electrical socket that connects directly to the sander. Due to this direct electrical connection, the vacuum only switches on when the sander is switched on and pressed against a surface for sanding.

Mirka Dust collectors can also be connected to a dual operator kit, and can run two Mirka sanders together.

1025L PC 1230L AFC
Power Input 220V/1000W 220V/1200W
Filter Cleaning system Push and Clean Auto Filter Cleaning
Air Flow 3600L/min 4500L/min
Vacuum Pressure 210mbar 250mbar
Tank Volume 25L 30L