The most compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-use sander in its class.

When it comes to dust, the Mirka Deros is a random orbital sander you can trust to keep a clean workspace. The Deros is a high speed sander that does not only rotate but also oscillate. The oscillation effect makes sanding more efficient, and helps reach hard to access corners, or ones that would be missed by a rotating sander.

The DEROS can be bought either in 5inches, or 6inches. The Sander can be configured with a Mirka Dust Extractor, or with a Dust Bag. Dust Bag models are usually recommended for light duty jobs that involve less sanding. Otherwise, for jobs involving heavy sanding, and continuous duty jobs the Deros can be bought in the CV guise. Deros CV needs to be connected to a Mirka Dust Extractor which results in 0 dust sanding.

DEROS is available in 2 variants:

1. DEROS 625: A 6inch wide sander with 2.5mm sideways oscillation.

2. DEROS 650: A 6inch wide sander with 5mm sideways oscillation

Both DEROS 625 and 650 are available either with a Dust Extractor, or with an attached Dust Bag.

The Mirka DEROS range is also available as pneumatic as Mirka ROS. Pneumatic sanders are more efficient, long lasting, and user friendly but require a continuous airflow for usage. The ROS range is recommended over DEROS in wood working factories where air compressors are available, and a free flowing 90psi of air can be supplied to the sander.


  • Voltage: 230V, 15A, Single Phase
  • Speed: Multi-speed modes ranging from 4,000 to 10,000RPM
  • Weight: 900gms