MD 10 from BAK-Ag is a medium pressure blower that can be fitted to BAK’s XS20, S21, and S32 heaters. The MD10 can provide a peak airflow of 4900L/min, which is suitable to cater to the needs of the Light-duty heaters such as the ones mentioned above.

  • A stainless steel filter for dust-free air suction.
  • High performance and compact design.
  • Long service life with low operation costs.
  • High efficiency with a compact design.
  • Favourable noise characteristics for indoor usage.


  • Voltage: 3x220-480V
  • Motor Power: 0.14kW/0.2HP
  • Peak Flow Rate: 4900L/min
  • Pressure difference: 1200Pa/ 0.18Psi
  • Speed: 3120RPM
  • Air Inlet Port: 70mm
  • Air Outlet Port: 60mm
  • Dimensions: 231x357x345mm
  • Weight: 8.5kgs