Husqvarna S36

S 36 is a very powerful single-phase HEPA dust extractor to match the grinding machines Husqvarna PG 530, PG 450, PG 400 and PG 280 as well as small to mid size scarifiers, grinders, shot blasters and handheld power tools. This professional dust extractor is designed to meet strict demands. Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide plenty of power. Equipped with three independently tested and certified HEPA H13 filters and a massive cone-shaped pre-filter with over 4.5 m² of media. This results in superior dust collection, even of fine sanding and gypsum dust. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning, hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control. The non-marking wheels are puncture free and lock at the front. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

Notable features

  • Efficient filtration system with three stage filtering results in longer working and better cleaning.
  • Efficient filter cleaning without having to open the machine ensures high continuous airflow.
  • Simple bag change system powered by Husqvarna’s Longopac® bag hose system.


  • Voltage: 230V, 16A, Single Phase
  • Motor: 4.8HP
  • Air flow: 353cfm
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: 4psi
  • Weight: 63kgs.