Graco GrindLazer Pro DC1013 G DCS

Part Number: 25N668

The GrindLazer Pro DC1013 G DCS is a high output drum style scarifier with a 13 HP Honda engine, electric start, a 25.4 cm (10 inch) maximum cut width and larger selection of cutters for marking removal, levelling and surface preparation.

Depth Control System

  • Eliminate Measuring & Guesswork
  • Quickly & easily adjust the cutter depth to align with ever-changing terrain
  • Accurate cut depth for tape or thermoplastic inlays
  • Eliminates damage due to “dropped drums”

DCS Controller with LiveLook Display

  • Ultimate Control & Application Flexibility
  • User settable “zero point” to match cutter assembly
  • User settable “zero point” to match cutter assembly
  • Displays “active depth”
  • English and metric units
  • Robust design stands up the harsh abuse
  • Fully-encapsulated electronic components
  • Ultimate protection from vibration, job site and weather conditions

Remote Momentary Switch

  • Total Operator Control
  • Control cut depth while keeping both hands on the GrindLazer

Heavy-Duty All-Steel Frame

  • Heavy-duty design will hold up to the harsh job site environment

Durable 13 HP Honda® Power With Cyclone Filter

  • Contractor-Preferred Power
  • Cyclone filter protects the engine from harmful airborne dust

Centre-Weight Design

  • Efficient “No-Bounce" Cutting
  • Better control for a better quality cut

Precision All-Steel Wheel Assemblies

  • Accurate Cuts & Long Life

Anti-Vibration Handlebars

  • Padded for minimal vibration transfer for all-day comfort

Sealed Main Bearing

  • Maintenance-Free Design
  • Long life and ease-of-use

Additional Features

  • Heavy-Duty Wide HTD Drive Belt
  • Vacuum Port for optional LazerVac vacuum system
  • Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter


  • Air Filter type: Cyclone
  • Cutter Drum Diameter: 7in
  • Cutter type: Drum
  • Engine capacity: 390cc
  • Maximum cutting width: 25cm