Graco UltraMax 390

The Graco 390PC has been improvised and modified for injection grouting. The machine is capable of grouting single component materials, and is suitable for epoxy and PU materials. The machine delivers a flow rate of 1.8L/min, and is suited for light to medium duty work.

The machine comes with a stainless steel hopper with a 4L capacity, a 5 meter hose pipe, and applicator that is required for injection grouting. The machine retains its standard Graco warranty.

Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump

  • Lasts 2X longer than the next leading brand.

SmartControl 1.0

  • Even pressure delivery.
  • Constantly monitors performance and adjusts motor speed to match your tip size and spraying needs.

Durable TEFC DC Motor

  • Get more work done.
  • High torque produces the most power possible for all painting applications.

Rugged Steel Frame

  • Thick chrome over steel withstands rugged environments.
  • 4 leg stand provides greater stability.


  • Voltage: 230V, 550Hz, 15A, Single Phase
  • Motor: 5/8HP, Carbon Brush motor
  • Maximum pressure: 3300psi/227bar
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.8L/min
  • Weight: 13kgs