Graco ToughTek P30

If you are looking for a compact size rotor stator pump with large output, then the ToughTek P30 is the perfect fit for your. Upgrade to this pump if you plan to use epoxy-based mortars, or plan to spray taller buildings, such as sport stadiums, high-rises, apartment complexes, hospitals and parking garages to name a few.

Built for mid-range mortar applications

  • Easy to use, easy to move.
  • Variable pump output lets you adjust material flow.
  • Optional remote control operation.
  • Flow rate: 38 L/min
  • Output: 200 bags per hour/4400kg/hour.
  • Pumping distance: 100ft/30m
  • Pumping height: 60ft/18m
  • Hopper capacity: 60L
  • Power requirements: 230V, 30A, Single phase


  • Maximum flow rate: 38L/min
  • Maximum Working pressure: 21bar/300psi
  • Hopper Capacity: 76L
  • Max Hose Length: 100ft/30m
  • Power Rating: 5.6kW/7.5HP
  • Maximum particle size: 6mm
  • Dry Weight: 145kgs