ToughTek M680

The ToughTek M680a piston pump handles abrasive materials such as epoxy mortars, non-skid coatings (bridges and marine industry – solvent based coatings) or cementitious materials, and tackles difficult polymers with fillers such as glass flake, silica or sand. The all stainless design makes cleanup of epoxy mortars easy and worry-free.

Portable sprayer for mortar, cementitious and heavily filled materials.

Primary features:

  • Low pressure pumping reduces wear on pump lower.
  • Less material waste and more consistent finish.
  • Fast, easy cleaning with high velocity flush.
  • Can be quickly disassembled for hand cleaning.
  • One convenient air source to run pump and atomise air.

Flex Hose Applicator

  • Best for heavily filled materials that easily pack out.
  • Includes Round Nozzle for a rough finish texture.
  • Simple design, easy to clean.

Large Capacity Hopper

  • 95L hopper kit.
  • Easily connects to ToughTek M680.
  • Easy to connect and manoeuvre.


  • Maximum flow rate: 41L/min
  • Maximum Working pressure: 68bar/1000psi
  • Power Input: 40cfm external compressor
  • Hopper Capacity: 76L
  • Max Hose Length: 100ft/30m
  • Maximum particle size: 5mm
  • Dry Weight: 113kgs