Graco A25

Graco A25 is a Pneumatic driven 1:1 ratio pump that has been modified for injection grouting. It is an air controlled 25:1 ratio pump with a maximum flow rate of 11.4kg/min, and 2000psi/138bar maximum working pressure. The two components, Part A & B are pumped separately and mixed in the mixing head before injection.

The pump has been specially modified by Alpha Marketing to meet heavy duty 2K injection grouting. The A25 modified for injection grouting has proven to be successful in large scale projects where most other pumps failed.

The A25 grouting package includes:

  • Cart mounted Graco A25 pump
  • 2x15m 3/8in high pressure hose
  • HD injection application with static mixer


  • Maximum pressure: 2000psi/138bar
  • Air consumption: 28cfm2 at 1500psi stall pressure
  • Maximum air supply pressure: 125psi/9bar
  • Maximum air working pressure: 80psi/5.5bar
  • Maximum flow rate: 2.2L/min
  • Maximum support hose length: 210ft
  • Weight:40kgs