Electric Needle Scaler

Electric Needle Scaler is a rugged tool, and designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain. This tool is ideal to remove layers of paint, corrosion, and chemical coating from surfaces. Rotating handle can be fixed at any position to make operation easy.


  • Quickly change needles.
  • Robust and lightweight.


  • Removal of coatings
  • Coating removal.
  • Hold cleaning, general deck, and surface cleaning.
  • Paint removal.
  • Heavy rust removal and descaling from tank surfaces.
  • Removal of industrial coatings from floors and surfaces.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply: 220V, 12A, 50Hz, Single Phase
  • Power Consumption: 900W
  • Needle stroke: 20mm
  • Stroke Speed: 2,900/min
  • Needles: 3x23pcs
  • Weight: 7kgs
  • Generates less dust.
  • Optimizes air, water and media ratio resulting in a fine mist with a blast that is powerful.
  • Uses less water than traditional water-based wet blasting.
  • Built in-hand truck wheels make easy transport.
  • Suitable for jobs such as cleaning and surface preparation.
  • Up to 92% less air pollution in comparison to conventional blasting.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Blasting Pressure: 12.1bar/175psi
  • Pot size for media holding: 99L
  • Recommended Compressor Size: 600cfm
  • Compressed Air Flow Rate: 500cfm
  • Nozzle supplied: #7
  • Weight: 170kgs