Blastrac BMP-335ELITE

The Blastrac BMP-335ELITE is a new heavy duty electric scarifier. It is the answer to the toughest scarifying needs. Its increased weight alows it to generate more efficient scarifying action. It is equipped with an electrical drive system which saves the operator from having permanent contact with the handle: ergonomic operations, easy adjustable speed & tracking, able to turn 360 degrees. In addition, the drum housing, which is surrounding by dust seals, is mounted in the frame by torque bushes for lowering the vibration level.

Due to its special made dust extract system inside the drum housing, the BMP-335ELITE scarifier is dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system.

The BMP-335ELITE scarifier is also available as remote controlled version, including a 15 kW scarifying motor.


  • The BMP-335ELITE has three swivel front wheels for better levelling of the machine when driving in scarifying path.
  • Optimized traction thanks to 2 big drive wheels and 2 powerful electric motors
  • Special operating handle with depth indicator and ergonomic integrated control panel which reduces vibrations
  • Big dust hose connection Ø100 mm for better suction performance
  • Foot pedal to easily tilt back the machine


  • Voltage: 400-440V, 16A, 50HZ, 5.5kW, Three Phase
  • Cutting Width: 335mm
  • Cutting Speed: 1000RPM
  • Cutting efficiency: Up to 190m2/hr on concrete
  • Cutting tool diameter: 100mm
  • Ideal for: Concrete, Stone, Asphalt
  • Machine Speed: Up to 12m/min*
  • Weight: 393kgs

*BMP-335ELITE Remote Controlled(RC) only