A high-performance hand welding gun for all types of thermoplastic materials, for roofing, flooring, tarps, and plastic fabrication.

The BAK RiOn welding gun is one of the best in the hand welder market. Airflow offered by RiOn is far superior than any other hand welder available in the market.

It has been field-tested for reliability and durability for extended use as a heat gun for roofing and other plastic welding projects.

  • An optimal performance
  • High-speed welding
  • High airflow
  • An ergonomic handle for an easier and stronger grip
  • High-quality welding

In addition, this maintenance-friendly heat welding gun is compatible with a large range of accessories available.


  • Power Requirement: 230V/15A/50Hz/1-phase
  • Power Consumption: 1600W
  • Maximum Temperature: 650 ̊C
  • Weight: 1.3kgs