BAK LarOn 21

Easy to handle and user-friendly due to optimal design and balance, the BAK Laron 21 welding machine is undoubtedly one of the best in the commercial roofing industry. This BAK heat welder is the fastest automatic welding machine in the market and is designed for the most demanding commercial roofing job sites. Its brushless motors enable continuous operation for all your projects. This TPO welder showcases some amazing features such as:

  • Digital display to check voltage before operation.
  • Brushless motors make continuous operation possible.
  • Stepless Adjustment for air flow, speed and temperature.
  • Integrated GPS tracker – location of the machine is known at every moment.
  • This commercial roofing tool makes welding roofing membranes and TPO welding easy.


  • Power Requirement: 230V/15A/50Hz/1-phase
  • Power Consumption: 4600W
  • Maximum Temperature: 620 ̊C
  • Maximum Speed: 21m/min
  • Weight: 37kgs